Buy Your Ceiling Panels From Vitale

Vitale is known all over Australia for having one of a kind of plaster for making ceilings and ornaments. As they believe and hence practice, that none but the quality of ones products and services can earn them respect and glory in the business world. All of their products are manufactured in Australia, and they are open to all those who want to visit their store and see for themselves. They have details and pictures of all their products out there on their web page, but if you are new to all this and this is your first time looking for a ceiling, it is recommended that you visit them in person, to see the patterns and textures and designs and dimensions in person and then decide to avoid any conflict later. You can extend out your hand to their experts during any stage of this selection process and they will be more than happy to share their insights and experience with you, in order to help you out. For more information, please log on to

Panels for your ceilings 

If you are bored of your plain ceiling and are looking for ways to add that missing element, do believe that nothing but a ceiling panels in Melbourne made out of plaster is the answer for you, as they add on to the elegance of a space and that too subtly. Ever since the seventeenth century, this has been the approach of most people to decorate their homes, as it gives a new dimension to the room you have been previously living in and are now bored to see the monotony. At Vitale, they have numerous subdivisions in which these ceilings are categorically divided, so that it is easier for customers to locate the one they want. All the ceilings they offer are painted and properly finished, such that they are ready and you just have to fit them in the right place once you purchase them. So what are you waiting for, browse through their collection today and see if you find what you want for your house.  

Know what Art Deco is all about 

At Vitale, in addition to panels for ceilings, they also have art deco in their collection. Though it gain much recognition in the year 1925 in Paris after an exhibition, but its origin can be traced back to the time, when World War I was being fought. And like all other forms, this too soon infiltrated into arts and architecture, where it prospered up until the Second World War. This style is much known even today for its designs and patterns which were striking therefore significant. Even today many homes in the city of Melbourne have it for the sake flair it brings along. Its uniqueness lies in bringing together a color pallet which hold contrasting shades of light and dark, which creates a stunning visual treat.  If you are interested in having art deco for your home, know that it needs not to be the same in all your rooms; you can fix the color scheme as per your choice! ceiling-panels