Spring Cleaning Tips

Don’t you think spring is the best season? The birds are out and singing, the weather isn’t as blistering hot as during the summer, or freezing cold like in winter so overall best season. But spring and summer are the most popular seasons for party throwing and entertaining guests – and cleaning up your house to entertain a bunch of people maybe the worst part of the holiday. This is why we call it spring cleaning ladies and gentlemen. 

Here is an easy checklist you can follow for when you decide to do a full round for the house;

Sort by Priority

Do a room to room check and identify which rooms require the most attention when cleaning. For example, the basement or kitchen areas where the most amount of grub may lie. Then identify what appliances need fixing or fine tuning. Start with the process from one corner to the other so as to not track dirt in the rooms that have already been cleaned.

Clear Out Unwanted Items

During the room to room check, pick out the items that you’ve been hoarding around and get rid of them! This includes a closet revamp. Your old clothes that are still in good condition can be donated to charity or homeless shelters. This can also be done with old appliances. Throw out the ones that don’t work or sell them for spare parts and give away the ones that you do not use.

The same goes with the refrigerator, clear out all the leftover food for that day, it’ll reduce the number of items in the fridge when cleaning which will make your job a lot easier.

Big Items First

Personally I feel like if you clean the larger items first it makes your job easier. For example carpet cleaning North Lakes, BBQ grill cleaning, pool cleaning etc. leave the smaller jobs such as ornament polishing, sweeping and mopping for last.

Maintain the Neatness

It’s easy to clean, but harder to maintain it. One way of doing this is by making sure everything has its place and returning those items back to its designated spot after using it. One site suggests to make cleaning indexes for each room that states little chores like regular tile cleaning, which can be done to uphold the tidiness in the specified rooms.Lastly, make it fun! Put on some music and get the whole family involved, this would cut down the time spent thus getting the job to run faster with more hands on deck. Browse this website to find out more reviews regarding tile cleaning.