Warm Gifts For Grandma

After the first 10 years it can be a little difficult to come up with inventive and useful gifts to give your grandmother for her birthday. Invariably you will be stuck with sending her flowers or taking her out for dinner. Once grandma is too old for outings, what will you do? Here are a few ideas that will break the mould for her next birthday.

Function Over Fashion

Try gifting your grandmother something that will be useful in terms of bed linen or kitchen linen; you might find the ideal gift at a wool mattress topper sale. If she spends most of the time in bed then think about things that will cheer her up such as colourful throw pillows, a nightlight or reading light or some special bedroom slippers. Get her napkins that don’t wrinkle after a wash to save her ironing them, get her a full supply of sponges and cleaners so she is stocked up for months. Buy her anything you think she will use and need, and which will save her time.

Crazy for Food

If grandma is on a special diet ordered by her doctor do some research and figure out what she is allowed to have without breaking the rules. For instance, if she is diabetic and has to avoid all sweet desserts, compromise by taking her out for gluten free desserts made of fruit whose sugar content is significantly lower. If there is a particular brand of instant soup she prefers surprise her with a Care Package of an assortment of soup flavours from that brand. If last year’s perfect sheet sets in Australia didn’t win her heart, this year’s food hamper definitely will.

Doting Grandchild

More than anything else grandparents love to spend time with their grandchildren who are too often busy with their own lives. If at all possible, get off work early and go say hi to your grandma. Stay the night, cook your favourite meal, and round off the day by reading her a book that she likes. If she is adventurous, maybe teach her a basic video game or watch a new movie together that she would not normally watch on her own.

Time passes all too soon for most of us and we forget to take the time and effort in between to care for our loved ones. When your grandma’s next birthday comes around don’t just make the obligatory phone call; give her a hug too.